A tezos node on Kubernetes

Hi Tezos community,
We are happy to have open sourced the following projects:

A terraform + kubernetes infrastructure to deploy a tezos baker in the cloud in one shot:

Ansible modules to turn a Raspberry Pi into a secure signer:

The code will be evolving as we are using it to build our own public baking service, the first fully transparent and auditable of its kind: https://hodl.farm

It’s all explained in the following medium post:

We hope other bakers try and contribute to the code soon !


This is a wonderful project guys!

Two questions:

  • is it possible to use a mini PC (or any other kind of linux machine) as remote signer?
  • what if you only have one remote signer? will it still work?

Keep up the great work!


You can use any kind of Linux machine. We did post the manifest for the Raspberry Pi in particular, but the systemd daemons will work on any Linux.

You can also use one remote signer, in that case you will need to change the haproxy configuration to just probe for one device instead of two.

We do recommend Raspberry Pi, since it is low power, it is easy to attach a uninterrupted power supply hat and some batteries and have it run for hours in the event of a power outage.

It is also extremely recommended to have two signers. What if you need to perform maintenance on your signer ? What if you need to change their physical location ? With just one signer, it is difficult to do these operations without impacting the services.