About the Tezos Ecosystem DAO category

This category is for transparent applications and discussion around Tezos Ecosystem DAO funding requests and initiatives.

To submit an application for funding from the Tezos Ecosystem DAO, fill out the following template and post it as a new separate topic. More information on the DAO can be found here.

  1. Name:
  2. Email or contact method:
  3. Geographic location:
  4. Are you applying on behalf of a company, or as an individual:
  5. If company, provide company name and website:
  6. Name of project or idea:
  7. Detailed description of your project or idea and why you believe it deserves funding:
  8. What type of background or experience do you have and your team have in building out a project like this:
  9. Social handles of project, if any:
  10. Funding amount being requested (please make sure the DAO treasury can currently support it, suggested range is 500–20,000 tez depending on project requirements and value):
  11. Tez address to be funded (please verify accuracy):
  12. Proposed goals/GPIs to deliver for the requested funding (funding may be broken into two tranches, with final half distributed after some proven deliverables):

Some ideas of things that could be funded (not limited to these):

  • Development tools
  • Dapps
  • Games
  • Events
  • Tezos integration into other existing platforms
  • Content creation

Note: Unfortunately, the DAO cannot currently consider applications from teams consisting of citizens or entities of countries currently facing global sanctions


Can we setup some automation around new proposals so the community can at least discuss it (with the intention of having the key holders read those comments before voting). For example, if a proposal gets submitted that is valid and will be voted on, enter it into homebase with ~3-7 days before deadline. Have a twitter account send out a tweet with a link to the details, allowing twitter users a couple of days to reply their thoughts to the tweet. This would allow the community to feel a bit more involved, while still retaining the ability for the key holders to filter out noise / spam / over-hyping etc

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On Homebase you can attach an Agora thread to a proposal for reference and discussion, which we’ll be doing. Tweeting about each (valid) proposal to encourage more discussion is also a good idea, agreed. :+1: