Alpha, Zero, & Testnets

Our development team at Decet has been using the alphanet extensively in our smart contract testing. As it stands, there is no block explorer with information about testnets and as development on core protocol is moving toward use of protocol specific testnets, we think there will a continued need for the alphanet (or any other public testnet). Active and supported testnets are important in onboarding new developers to protocol.

We have alphanet nodes running, but are discussing a more public and permanent solution. It is not trivial to coordinate the launch of an entirely new testnet, but we think that the existence of testnets and public block explorers is very useful to future developers on platform.

Any suggestions or interested potential participants/bakers who would like to help us either launch a testnet, a sandboxed public version, or even build a block explorer feel free to contact me. Or just include suggestions in comments.


UPDATE: I heard from Luke in the Baker’s Slack room that TF will continue support of alphanet going forward. Very pleased to hear this.


We at AirGap are currently setting up our node infrastructure to bring reliable support for mainnet, alphanet & babylonnet as well as extending tezblock to support these.

You’re already able to deploy your own tezblock version and point it at your personal testnet, more information can be found on the tezblock GitHub.

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That is good to hear as well. We will check it out.

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