Announcing Chinstrap: A Swiss-Army-Knife for all Tezos' Smart Contract developers


I am super excited to announce that I have been awarded a grant by Tezos Foundation to work on
Chinstrap. Happy to be part of the Tezos ecosystem and spend more time on Chinstrap



Chinstrap is a development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline focused solely on Tezos, aiming to become Swiss-Army-Knife for Tezos Smart Contract developers.

Chinstrap makes Tezos developers’ life easy by providing support for multiple contract compilations, tests, and originations on public and private Tezos networks.


Chinstrap offers:

  • End-to-end build cycle support for Creation, Compilation, Testing, and Origination of Smart Contracts
  • Local sandbox environment to develop and test contracts
  • Support for coding tests in Python and testing with Pytest/SmartPy
  • Support for coding smart contracts and tests in Ligo
  • Support for coding smart contracts in Ligo and tests in Pytest
  • Scriptable deployment & originations framework
  • Originations Management for deploying to many public & private networks
  • Interactive debug console to debug and directly communicate with contracts
  • Support for SmartPy and Ligo development environment
  • Clear documentation for developers

Why Chinstrap?

Here are some reasons why I built Chinstrap:

  • Lack of Development framework that solely focuses on Tezos Smart Contract development
  • Lack of easy to use Tezos Smart Contract life cycle management
  • Lack of automated contract testing setup


  • Development framework that solely focuses on Tezos Environment
  • Support and improve smart contract life cycle management framework on multiple networks
  • Support for multiple python testing setups
  • Support for coding smart contracts and tests in Ligo
  • Support for coding smart contracts in Ligo and tests in Pytest
  • Support for contracts and tests in Ligo
  • Support for basic required Security tests
  • Improve Sandbox integrations
  • Improve SmartPy Compilations
  • Improve SmartPy tests, and Pytest tests setups
  • Improve repl experience
  • Improve documentation
  • Visual studio code plugin
  • Add tests for Chinstrap
  • Add debugging support for Michelin code


Milestone 1

  • Support the latest protocol updates of the Tezos protocol on Chinstrap.
  • Support and facilitate the programming of smart contracts and respective tests in Ligo.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the platform.

Milestone 2

  • Improve, update, and maintain comprehensive documentation of the platform for relevant stakeholders (e.g. developers and others).
  • Improve the sandbox and REPL (Real-Eval-Print Loop) experience of the platform.
  • Release version 0.0.16 of the platform.

Milestone 3

  • Provide a Visual Studio Code plugin for origination and tests.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the platform for one year (beyond grant duration), which includes that the Recipient will keep Chinstrap up to date with the Tezos protocol and address any issues raised by the community.
  • Communicate and advertise the platform on social media and other appropriate channels.



wow! After truffle just abandoned and stopped updating the tezos suite I hope Chinstrap will take its place. Will the Ligo support include all options? (Pascaligo, Cameligo, Reasonligo, JSLigo)
And any chance for PyTezos support too?

Hey @Britcoin :slight_smile: Yes, it will support all *ligo and I already make use of PyTezos in the code :slight_smile:

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Thats great :slight_smile: I stumbled across PyMich from @Bilalelalamy ? I dont know if its on your mind but might be good to have it in Chinstrap too as the ultimate tool. New language: py-mich - #13 by Bilalelalamy

Thank you for sharing. I will keep that in mind and work on it after I have reached the current milestones. :slight_smile:

So far Chinstrap has worked so far to get me off the ground. Thanks for building this project and I look forward to your updates