Bake on Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi with tezos-packaging (update)

Tezos-packaging provides an easy way to install and set up the infrastructure for interacting with the Tezos blockchain.

Our latest update includes per-network baking services with the latest Tezos version (9.1).

It’s now possible to bring up node, baker and endorser for a network with a single command. Moreover, tezos-baking-mainnet already launches daemons for florence, preparing for the protocol switch-over of next week.

The updated how-to article can once again be found in the tezos-packaging repository, now with instructions for Raspberry Pi OS.

We invite you to give these a try. As usual, any comments and feedback are very appreciated!


Thanks for making this available - I recently tried it out! But I was a little upset when installing tezos-node also registered it as a startup process, and I had to learn about systemctrl disable ... to turn it off. Could you package a version that’s just the binaries, without any system config magic? I like having explicit control when it comes to crypto :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for reporting the problem! We’ve made a new (9.1-2) release that contains the fix for it.