Bakin'Bacon - Tezos Baking Made Easy

The OP says you can:

Hello. Excited to start baking. What is the timeline for a public beta?

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You can download a release now from github. It’s locked to florencenet so you’ll need to get some test tokens from the faucet. If you want to use a ledger, I’ll be pushing some final fixes later this evening so there should be a new auto-release built.

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This product deserves a grant.

We got one at the start; that’s indeed how it even exists.


Hello, with the problems we may encounter with KILN, I wanted to know where you are in your development? It would be really great if we could have a second piece of software with GUIs for newbie bakers. Especially if this one is more stable than the previous one.

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You can download the latest release from github and start testing it out. It is hard-coded right now to the granadanet test network so you’ll need to use the faucet to get some test tokens and create a baker.

Incremental improvements are happening every week!

We are currently running on Hangzhounet and TZStats has added BakinBacon as a recognized baker software!

Come test with us!

When it will be safe to be used in mainnet? Can’t wait