Bakin'Bacon - Tezos Baking Made Easy

Introducing Bakin’Bacon - Tezos Baking Made Easy

Over the past years, we have seen Tezos adoption grow and grow. Newcomers join the baker’s slack channel seeking help on setting up the Tezos software so they can bake. Unfortunately, this is where Tezos becomes a struggle for anyone who does not have systems-administration, or dev-ops experience.

Tezos is not distributed as a simple to use application where one can double-click an icon, configure a few key settings, and start baking right away. Tezos must be compiled and built from source; Even using the new opam packages, it still takes a fair amount of linux command-line knowledge and skills.

There are 2 alternatives that attempt to make this easier, but don’t really do so, in our view: 1) The docker images remove the need to compile, but require skills and knowledge outside that of the everyday user to setup/install/maintain a docker environment. Plus, getting node/baker/endorser/signer working properly in a dockerized environment is very difficult due to the containerized nature of docker. 2) Kiln is a linux-only solution that requires a linux sysadmin skillset for setup, configuration, and debugging. Kiln also requires system resources above that of what Tezos needs.

That will all change soon…

Today, Baking Tacos is announcing Bakin’Bacon - Tezos Baking Made Easy

With Bakin’Bacon, it will be a breeze to become a baker on the Tezos network. Here are a few key points and features of Bakin’Bacon:

  • Native MacOS and Windows application (double-clicky icon)
  • Ledger support
  • Bake, and endorse blocks; nonce reveals
  • Voting on new protocol proposals
  • No need to compile any software
  • No command-line knowledge required
  • Super simple setup wizard
  • Low CPU / Low Memory requirements
  • Tezos Foundation Grant Recipient for development and maintenance
  • Built-In Rewards Payouts
  • Web-based GUI for monitoring, configuration (See upcoming baking and endorsing rights)

While Bakin’Bacon has been a work-in-progress for the past several months, we are currently working in a closed beta stage and hope to release a public beta within a couple of weeks so that people can start testing it out on the Edo2Test net and the new Florencenet.

Here’s a working screenshot of the UI:

Please ask any questions! We are very excited to bring everyday ease-of-use to the Tezos network.


Does it also have voting features?


This tool would be incredibly useful to onboard new Bakers and have anyone setup Bakeries. Have you considered a different name that would be more widely appealing outside of the Ecosystem? Seems like there a ton of meme/food names for products in this space.

It would also be great to just go on the website and download the software with one click.


It would be nice if existing bakeries could monitor their status with this UI.


Honestly, totally forgot about that part :slight_smile: I see no reason why not. I’ll add it to the TODO list. It’s easily detectable when a voting period starts.


Hmm, we spent a couple of brainstorming sessions on the name we have.

Yes, eventually you’ll be able to download the binary for your OS from the site.

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Love it, great job.

Agree with the other poster about the name. Of course it’s your call and sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into it already.

Easy Bake Oven or something similar maybe with Tezos or Tz in there would be my suggestion. (The HASBRO trademark is for “Easy-Bake”)


Does it have Ledger support?


They said yes it supports Ledger.

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It looks great, are you working on a Linux version as well?


When is the launch planned?

Yes, it will work on linux as well.


We hope to release a public beta be end of April


Maybe EZ-Tz Oven :grin: I like it.
Wdyt @krixt

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Any updates?

Any updates on this project?

Looks awesome!
Any release yet ?

Hey everyone. There is a release on github. It is locked to Florencenet as we are still making changes and improving the UI. We didn’t want anyone risking mainnet yet.


Can wait for this Krixt, thank you for the update.

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Would you implement the voting feature as well ?