Bakin'Bacon v0.6 Public Beta Released

We are happy to announce the release of our public beta for Bakin’Bacon v0.6. You can download precompiled binaries for linux, MacOS, and Windows from our github releases page.

BB has been rigorously tested on Grandanet for the past 3 months in stable condition; stable enough for us to comfortably announce a public release.

One difficult task in testing on Tezos test nets is using the faucet to get testing tokens. This requires some linux command-line skills and basic knowledge of Tezos to activate multiple testing accounts to build up enough funds to become a baker. (yuck!)

To encourage more testers of BB, we asked for 500K XTZ from one of the developers to be used for faster funding. tz1XkXHbaconJQ7mq8akY9aThZVEQBQbskcg

If you want to become a baker on the test network using BB, please download BB, go through the wizard, and then request 8010XTZ from the funding account by using this form:

If you discover issues with BB, please open a github issue with the complete logs and describe in detail what went wrong.

Happy Baking!