DataHub - High availability node service via API

Figment Networks is proud to announce the launch of DataHub to assist developers in building on Tezos.

Developers no longer need to worry about managing blockchain infrastructure as we offer direct access to the protocol’s RPC and REST APIs via our highly available full node infrastructure. DataHub also abstracts the need for custom middleware as it indexes Web 3 data across protocols. Developers can now read, write, and interact with Tezos the way they want to, not the way the blockchain requires them to.

DataHub is already contributing to the Tezos ecosystem as it powers our Web 3 Explorer, Hubble for Tezos, with more developers being onboarded. DataHub is a native API service built on a shared node infrastructure that allows users to access custom endpoints that are not available at the node level. This gives users access to our indexers which allows them to create otherwise complicated features like transaction search by address, historical validator data, and staking rewards much easier when compared to using a traditional node service.

We are offering full node access via API for free for 12 months to the Tezos community. Archive nodes are also available if requested. If you are building a dapp, a wallet, a block explorer, or if you are an exchange or custodian looking to add support for Tezos, feel free to reach out to get started today!

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