DeFi Projects on Tezos

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Are there already any DeFi Projects I can look into? Haven’t found anything yet and I am considering to start a new project myself. Might be interesting to have a lending/borrowing platform on the Tezos network…

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Basics: securitisation ccy/nft standards (live), dapp interaction like beacon/tezbridge (live), zksnarks (beta), layer 2 (dev)

Apps: Dexter(beta), Quipuswap(beta), tzbtc (live), usdtz (beta), securitisation standards (live), checkers stablecoin (dev), TezSure insurance (dev), many wallets existing

Missing: compound/flash loans/prediction markets


Chekout our Uniswap-like exchange on testnet:
How to try:


I was thinking today that a bridge to Polkadot and Kusama will be a good idea, so they can use tezos to run the smart contract part.

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Atomex DEX enables cross-chain swaps between Tezos (and tzBTC) and Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT