Development in Tezos-based voting dapps

I came across this article in medium about Tezos-based voting dapps. How I hacked the Tezos based voting dapp | by FX Thoorens | Medium
This article claimed that it has successfully found vulnerabilities in the Tezos-based voting dapps. Is his claim valid? And if so, have developers done anything about that?

Most of FX’s comments are valid. Avosvotes created a voting dapp which, unfortunately, reveled many bugs/issues.

In his articles FX implies that this dapp has originated from top French researchers at Tezos.

  • “So i decided to have a look into the dapp developed by top French researchers at Tezos”

  • “So much for the “French researchers at Tezos”. It was clearly a marketing stunt with no security concern.”

This is false.
FX doesn’t stop bashing Tezos… But the issue here is that he doesn’t know what Tezos is.
There is no offcial Tezos company. Tezos is a decentralized blockchain and a decentralized community. Nobody can’t clam representing Tezos.
Does he refer to the researchers at Nomadic Labs? They haven’t been involved in the conception of this dapp or its smart contract AFAIK.
If a misuse Microsoft Excel does it mean that Excel is trash and top Microsoft engineers are bad? Come on.

I agree with FX’s analysis when it comes to the issues found in the dapp and its associated smart contract but jumping to the conclusion that Tezos voting dapp is trash is just a false statement. And bashing Tezos (?) doesn’t mean anything at all.
Avosvotes didn’t do very well here but that’s all. I just hope that developers at Avosvotes learned from their mistakes and will do better next time :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure Nomadic Labs would be glad to help them.

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