FA2.1 as extension of the FA2 standard - DRAFT

I see some recent activity in the document. It’s good to see progress. Hopefully we can see it soon to be adapted FA2.1 - HackMD

Hello @RonSwanson,
Thank you for your message, the answers have just been given.

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Is this close to final?

To finalize FA2.1, I propose in this [MR] (FA2.1 spec update (!207) · Merge requests · Tezos / tzip · GitLab) a way of exporting tickets via a lambda. This allows users to send tickets to any contract, whatever the parameters since they can be built inside the lambda.

The drawback is that the lambda could be used to mint tickets or transfer tez, and so must be executed in a safe sandbox environment. It would be a simple sandbox contract but every FA2.1 contract would have to call it to safely export tickets with the lambda.

A priori, it’s also more complex, but we would have had to use other workarounds anyway to send tickets to contracts with custom parameters.

You can find below, PoC of FA2.1 implementation (unaudited, poorly tested, and not suited for production):