February 2022 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

Dear Tezos Community,

We’re happy to open the floor to new questions for the Tezos Foundation!

Feel free to share your question here, and we’ll do our best to answer it shortly.

The most frequently asked questions will be added to our FAQ.

In order of priority, what items do you feel are needed to increase adoption?


Contrary to what most Tezos foundation members may think, price action is important. Look at how successful binance coin has been. Dumping baking rewards on the community, either directly or indirectly via grants, has a catastrophic impact on price. It’s so obvious but apparently people running the foundation stick to the rigid believe that “if you build it, they will come”. Hasn’t worked and won’t work going forward. Building a community to drive network effect and adoption is critical. If not, Tezos is simply being used to develop cutting edge tech which everybody will then copy for free.


I’d like to know what the Tezos Foundation is doing to promote the growth of a robust Tezos defi ecosystem on Tezos. Does the TF see the lack of locked value compared to other chains as an emergency that needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY as the ship is sailing away from the dock?

The recent marketing efforts and NFT platform growth on Tezos have been excellent. How is the TF harnessing this momentum and visibility to do something drastic to promote more defi?

Without more TVL and overall liquidity in the ecosystem, I fear Tezos risks becoming nothing more than a niche utility blockchain for NFTs. And with ETH’s imminent move to PoS, the “green” angle will no longer be a competitive advantage.

In my opinion, this is a five-alarm-fire level emergency that must be dealt with very soon before network composability effects become impossible to overcome.

Tl;dr What is the TF doing to promote defi? Are there robust efforts underway? Is this a priority for the TF?

Thank you!

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How much are TF board members compensated?


Dear @beaumarchais,

Thank you for your questions and feedback.

The Tezos Foundation does see DeFi as an area of focus, and welcomes any new DeFi projects’ proposals for grant support.

Unfortunately we have only seen a few DeFi projects applying for grants, and the few that do are often projects running on other chains with no traction and with challenges executing. These projects often go from ecosystem to ecosystem trying to get as many grants as possible, but without follow-through that adds to the ecosystem. So, there appears to be more of a funnel problem than a funding problem. Please find a few initiatives the Foundation has put in place to attract new DeFi projects below:

The Foundation supports hackathons in the Tezos ecosystem by providing rewards for the winning teams (i.e. see Tezos Ukraine’s latest DeFi hackathon). Hackathons are a great way to identify talented teams, have more of those and follow up with the teams and to introduce them to the ecosystem.

Several teams supported by the Foundation are working on WASM optimistic rollups, which would introduce EVM compatibility and facilitate the transposing of legacy DeFi projects on Tezos.

The Tezos Foundation also works on providing funding for the creation of libraries with useful DeFi primitives like Checker to teams looking to build new DeFi projects on Tezos.

The Tezos Foundation is also funding a number of initiatives that will help fund and provide other development support such as training to new projects in the ecosystem such as the Entrepreneur First Web3 program.

In addition, the Foundation is working on revamping the grant process page to attract more DeFi projects and will add a bounty section for well-defined and narrowly focused projects. This is part of ongoing initiatives to improve grantees experience, which also includes the creation of an after-grant process to increase the probability of new projects being built on Tezos by successful grantees.

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Dear @buywall,

Thank you for your question.

The remuneration of the Foundation Council’s members is proportional to their responsibilities and workload. In line with the Tezos Foundation’s general views regarding personal privacy, we do not disclose Council remuneration. More information about this topic can be found in our FAQ.

Is there a full roadmap for getting a real application like Tezos Domains running on L2 at high tps, such as zk-SNARK + data sharding + Michelson changes?

If so, what is the L2 architecture chosen and why does TF believe this architecture is competitive, what are milestones on that roadmap, and when do we expect to reach them?

If we are at an exploratory phase rather than a roadmap phase, what L2 architectures is TF investing in, and who is working on them?

Dear @carton,

Thank you for your question.

The Tezos Foundation does not have a technical roadmap. We kindly invite you to reach out to the various development teams working on Tezos to talk about what their roadmaps are.

“Unfortunately”? It’s not unfortunate. It’s a direct consequence of TFs failure to attract a community by doing the right thing. Dumping baking rewards on the community and not doing anything to support the price is a big mistake. But their egos won’t permit them to acknowledge that their strategies have failed miserably. Tezos could still be saved but I doubt anybody in the TF has the balls to do what is necessary to make the token economics attractive to new players.