Ghostchain - Perpetual Testnet for Dapp developers

Dapp developers, what do you want in a testchain?

From feedback, some Dapp development teams want a perpetual testchain with different characteristics than mainnet. This is not ideal for a perpetual testchain meant for onboarding, so a second partner network to Laika will be run. For now the project name is Ghostchain.

Current specs:

  • No admin keys ( unnecessary overhead and the network will not be advertised to the public )
  • 10 second block times.
  • 90% of network centrally validated / maintained
  • Open faucet that sends a proportional amount to the central bakers so they retain their dominance.

Isn’t this just an added complication and expense to Laika?

A bit, but worth it. There is enough dev interest in this to get volunteer effort to get it up and running. Having cloud machines bake 90% of the network should not be more than a couple hundred dollars a month, if that.

I fully believe Laika will benefit from the goodwill of the dapp development teams.

The basic infrastructure for Ghostchain is being setup now.

Links to different community platforms:

Element chat -
Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @Teztchain
Slack - #laika-testchain <— channel name
Discord server - Laika - The blockchain playgound


  • solution for spam

Since ghostchain is meant manly for dapp developers and teams, could possibly have registration or something like that.

  • faucet solution:

right now looking to have three central bakers control %90 of the network. When the bot dispenses tokens, would need to send a proportional amount to the bakers so they maintain their dominance.