Our New Community Manager

We are very excited to announce the hiring of Robert Fontaine (@Robert) as community manager for the Tezos Foundation.

Robert has been working at Tezos Commons since October 2019. He will initially split his time between Tezos Commons and the Tezos Foundation.

Make sure to follow him (his social handles are below) for updates from TF and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question for the Tezos Foundation team. Welcome Robert!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rob_Font
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/RobFont


Congratulations @Robert

What are some of your plans to re-invigorate the community and get it more involved and excited?

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Thank you @Primate411 :slight_smile: There are projects coming which will benefit the community. That being said, we are happy to take feedbacks on what the community would like to see built. Feel free to reach me out/DM me to propose.

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Hello Robert!

I would like to have a video documentary explaining a little bit of the history of money / trust based institutions (banks, exchanges, notarial certificates…) then introducing Cryptocurrency and later more specifically Tezos and a vision of a future with DLT integrated in the society. The kind of documentary with didactic cartoons you could watch with your family or friends without deep tech or financial knowledge and get everyone hyped. Something around the 1hour length mark.

Thanks for reading and welcome to your new position!

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I would love to see a funding platform, sililar to gitcoin


Hello Eguzki! There is not such video for now, but that’s clearly an interesting idea.

However, I suggest you have a look at that instructive video on the overview of cryptocurrencies and Tezos. It’s 2 years old but very explanatory.

Those articles that Arthur wrote on what do blockchains accomplish, the philosophy and value of Tezos explain as well the whole value proposition.

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Thank you! A discussion has started on the topic here: TezQF: A Quadratic Funding and CLR matching based grants platform on Tezos

What has our wonderful community manager been up to since starting? Are you seeing anything in the community that needs to be addresses? Is there something we can all do better?

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We can all be more positive and see Tezos as a global project/blockchain we all support…Give a bit of time and confidence in the teams working on it. That’s my own view.

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There would be more confidence if the community would know on what the Foundation is working on. No milestones, no vision, no roadmap, no enthusiasm, no brainstorming about potential projects with the community, not answering challenging questions, no engangement in important discussions…

Let me disagree. I am interacting with a lot of community members and trying to address and follow up ideas/concerns/projects. We are all enthusiasts working for Tezos as project/blockchain. We do have vision and projects that will be shared soon, but we prefer to deliver rather than “announcing the announcement”.