PLONK by Hand

We published PLONK by Hand (Part 1: Setup). This first part will describe how to execute a PLONK zero-knowledge proof system completely by hand. Although most of the math we will do is elementary, some higher-level concepts do appear. In this first part, we will present how to choose parameters, run a trusted setup, and convert a statement into a PLONK-style circuit by hand.

In the second part, we will use the parameters formed in Part 1 to create a list of elliptic curve points. Those points will prove that our assignment satisfies the circuit created in Part 1.

In the last part, we will revisit our table of elliptic curve points (from Part 1), and use it to compute two elliptic curve pairings. We will verify that the pairing values are equal which will demonstrate that the proof (constructed in Part 2) can be accepted.

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