Project & IDO Launchpad for Tezos

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but like Liquidity Baking/Mining and HomeBase DAO, is one of the teams working towards an IDO launchpad on Tezos? Something like Polkastarter to raise capital and support ideas/projects?

Projects like have to resort to their own “launchpad.” I suspect something like this also raises awareness of the ecosystem, especially if integrated on the “backend” with other projects like HomebaseDAO.

Not sure what the complexity is like, but now with $WRAP launched, something like this (even just for FA2 tokens) makes attracting capital easier.

Can someone comment if this being pursued/thought of by either the core team or anyone else within the ecosystem?


We are Building it already Wiltpad . It’s an IDO Platform on Tezos, We are in the ending phase of our development & will be releasing it soon :slight_smile:

You can follow us for more updates:

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We are building a launchpad for the ecosystem. TezPad is an eco-friendly IDO platform for Tezos that is based in the UK.

Rocket is in the process of building an IDO platform.