Releasing Octez v12.1

Version 12.1 of Octez has just been released.

This version fixes a bug in the Ithaca baker that can cause it to crash. We strongly recommend upgrading nodes and bakers to Octez v12.1 as soon as possible!

As a reminder, the Ithaca2 protocol upgrade will activate this Friday on Tezos mainnet, and it is not supported by versions of Octez older than 12.0.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 12 release page.

The Git tag for this release is v12.1 and the corresponding commit hash is fdac9000b52e3032eb5149d4e7c18ce472404f1a.

NB: the Octez v12.1 release includes one breaking change: the Octez Tezos node no longer stores large metadata. However, early returns seem to indicate that the limit was set unexpectedly too low. We will assess the situation and provide a mitigation soon.


The limit on the size of metadata stored by a node, introduced by Octez v12.1, causes some RPCs to occasionally return "too large". This is intended behavior but it is also a breaking change for certain applications including indexers.

We have released Octez v12.2 which addresses this issue, by making the size limit configurable and increasing its default value.

Note: blocks that have been stored using Octez v12.1 are not retroactively filled with the missing metadata.