Releasing Tenderbakenet

We are pleased to announce that a test network has been spawned with a new experimental consensus algorithm, Tenderbake. Tenderbakenet will be used to evaluate this experimental consensus
algorithm on a larger scale. As of now, the network is already up and running. Please feel free to:


This is great! Thanks for the continuous efforts to improve Tezos blockchain.

Two questions regarding this:

  1. Block time: Do we plan to reduce block time for Tezos network once this goes live?
  2. Number of validators: Tendermint(Cosmos) has limited set of validators(capped at 100-125). Will Tezos network also need to limit it’s validator set to enable this new consensus algorithm?
  1. Yes, block time and finality will both improve.
  2. No. This is a customized Tendermint consensus for Tezos, it will not affect decentralization and will not enforce any max validator count like Tendermint does.

You can read more technical details here: