Releasing version 10.2 of Octez

Version 10.2 of Octez has just been released.

This version fixed a critical issue in the chain storage layer.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 10 release page: Version 10.1 — Tezos (master branch, 2021/09/01 10:45) documentation

The Git tag for this release is v10.2 and the corresponding commit hash is 5bfd311b701015381338e73a30c74415fa493c10 . Branch latest-release now points to this new tag.

Please note that the nodes that are still running version 9 of Octez are not affected by this bug. Nodes running any version 10.* are affected and updating is highly recommended.

I run a personal node on a LAN and can no longer access it from another computer on the same LAN after the updating to Octez 10.1.

Change log mentions modifying the Access Control List.

Are their simple instructions for doing this?

Hi @BouncingDeadCats,

please find here the documentation for ACL: Node Configuration — Tezos (master branch, 2021/09/08 09:16) documentation.