Releasing version 11.0 of Octez

Version 11.0 of Octez has just been released.

There is no significant change compared to 11.0~rc2.

This version contains a user-activated protocol override for Mainnet that tells the node to use Hangzhou2 instead of Hangzhou, if Hangzhou were to be activated. Hangzhou contains a number of critical bugs that are fixed in Hangzhou2. Version 11.0 also comes with Hangzhou2 and its baker, endorser and accuser.

The vote for the promotion of Hangzhou is currently ongoing on Mainnet. It ends on November 19th.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 11 release page: Version 11.0 — Tezos (master branch, 2021/11/15 12:21) documentation

The Git tag for this release is v11.0 and the corresponding commit hash is 0e7a0e9a67a381916b8e23cd704f43ac4d770920 . Branch latest-release now points to this new tag.


Sirs, I am receiving the following error when compiling it on Debian Linux:

[ERROR] The compilation of bls12-381-unix failed at “/home/user/.opam/opam-init/hooks/ build dune build -j
7 -p bls12-381-unix @install”.

Tried the solution described on this page ( "Rule failed to generate the following targets" with virtual package - githubmemory ) but it did not work.

Please, do anyone have an answer for this issue? Still can’t compile vesion 11.0 of Octez on Debian Linux. Any help will be appreciated!


I have no experience with the matter. But I saw a post of someone having a written how-to for the upcoming update. Maybe you can find more info there?

I’m having similar issues, albeit on FreeBSD. It’s very frustrating that this package was updated at the 11th hour w/o sufficient testing in place. There are pretty significant changes taking place in the bls12-381 package and it should not be considered stable.

Additionally, the “unix” split utilizes a GNU ld flag that is Linux specific. Very ironic.

I’ve put this issue in which is now a month old but, as far as I can tell, has received no attention.

As I could not compile in my Debian system, I decided to download binaries.