Releasing Version 8.3

Version 8.3 has just been released. The baker of version 8.2 has an issue that causes it to include less operations than it could in the blocks it bakes, in some cases. Version 8.3 fixes this issue.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 8 release page: Version 8.3 — Tezos (master branch, 2021/04/08 15:07) documentation

The Git tag for this release is v8.3 and the corresponding commit hash is cbbfffdb15f3f9dac3abf667f4511f1f4622492f . Branch latest-release now points to this new tag.

Please note that the baker of 9.0~rc1 experiences a similar issue, but to a lesser extent. We are planning to make a second release candidate for version 9.0 (9.0~rc2) with the same fix, as well as the possibility to force a connection count above the maximum value that was introduced in 9.0~rc1, for expert users and a fix for a performance regression issue with RPC calls (that is still not yet fully finished).


Hi when will this be available through the “apt-get upgrade” command?