Tezos breaks a record in the rate of how things become deprecated so quickly

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DevOps topic for dapp

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Yeah that would be great indeed!

I would recomment to look at test tooling automation more than the Tezos cycles

Automated testing only finds issues, it doesn’t do the research for you to figure out what the solution is, or write the code for you. When protocols like Edo go through, my issue is not detecting that the michelson has changed. Its having to re-write libraries in 3-4 languages, thinking about edge cases, how to try and future proof the code, integrating it in multiple frontends and then multiple full regression tests on top of that with bug fixing … while the only support given is “heres a link to a michelson whitepaper”.

This is one hell of a massive burden to have every 3 months, while your end users are begging for new features, improvements and bug fixes. We have been blocked from adding new features that our users wanted a year ago, because indexers keep delaying features due to the massive scale of work needed to keep their code functional. This has often resulted in frontend apps trying to fix these problems themselves, which often leads to buggy/inefficient solutions.

With all due respect, this comment is completely devoid of the reality of maintaining multiple frontend apps with a dozen integrations