Tezos Core Development AMA #2 - Nomadic Labs, Metastate (007)

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Hello and thank you for hosting this AMA.
I would like to raise a concern I have about Tezos decentralisation.
Looking at the current shares, I found out that 13 bakers are representing 53.95% of the network.
Since the 8 Tezos Foundation bakers do not vote, can we assume that if the 5 biggest bakers vote for the same thing, the proposal is either accepted or refused regardless of what other “small” bakers are voting.
If so, are we really having a decentralised network? What could be the solutions?

Thank you

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Is there going to be a 5th period for protocol governance in 007?

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We should split voting rights from delegation rights.


It is implemented in this merge request and will most probably be included.

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I would also like to know the answers to Justin’s questions.


I would also like to know the answer to Justin’s question


Ok. Thanks. I wasn’t aware of the AMA you linked and I found your answer in it after searching for a few mins.

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Is the decision process what is included or what is not included in a proposal intransparent or is there the possibility for the community to have a say in what features they would like to be proposed?


Can we imagine giving the rights to each delegators to vote as well?

At the moment, let’s say Binance or someone injects a proposal to increase the roll size to 20 millions tez and have the top 5 bakers approving. can we assume that these bakers take control of the Tezos network?


Also want to hear the reply on Justin’s question!


Maybe I should have made it more explicit in my above answer that by wider Tezos ecosystem I meant entities such as bakers, client implementers and smart contract developers. Features such as the Delegation Toggle were developed in order to help bakers manage their delegation status. Furthermore an often requested feature was the ability to rotate a baker’s consensus key which is implemented by stateful baking accounts. Moreover a feature often requested by smart contract developers was the ability to have access to hash functions, Sha3 and Keccak, which is hopefully going to be included in 007 as well.


The delegation Toggle was requested even before babylon.
The stateful baking accounts does seem more like a precursor to burebrot 2.0, than a simple solution to the key rotation, which could have been implemented in a way that would not raise any of the concerns Justin has mentioned.

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At the moment you can avoid this by simply changing your delegation. We are planning to include vote overriding in a future proposal, that is you can cast your vote independently of your delegate. There is a WIP implementation that could make it for 007 otherwise it should be done by 008.


Hi onedefi,

RE [1]: To clarify, Metastate is the R&D entity working on Tezos research and development (more described in this reply to Robert. Metastate is an independent company and one of the many grantees of the Tezos Foundation.

The goal of Metastate is to share with the Tezos community research synthesis of all possible features and improvements that we consider valuable for Tezos to continue evolving and staying innovative in the broader blockchain industry. However, at the end it is always up to the Tezos community and the governance process what gets adopted.

RE [2]: 007 has many features and it’s hard to pick favorites.

I love all our features equally and couldn’t pick a favourite :slight_smile:

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Sorry if i missed it, but what is this “5th Voting Period” for?


It’s an idle period between the final vote and the actual activation for administrators and developers to adapt to the new protocol.

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Are there going to be different choices proposed for 007 (separated out) or is it going to be one big amendment / take it or leave it scenario?