Tezos Core Development AMA -- Nomadic Labs, Cryptium Labs, DaiLambda

Replying as a non-core dev. On average 2-3 double espressos a day.


Do you like the price increase of tez?

3 or 4 cups of strong coffee maybe? Espresso, normal brewed coffee sometimes Southeast Asian Kopi… Anyway, it does not make me awake at all.

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yes, it looks pretty

  • If you could set a new roll size now, what would you choose?

  • What milestone would you see as an outstanding success for the Tezos network (specifically not in terms of token price)?

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Can we expect a further increase? Any upcoming projects in the pipeline you want to share?

Why do you think there have not been enough applications being developed on Tezos? Does it have anything to do with the core protocol? i.e., not suitable infrastructure for app developers. Is anything being done to make development easier?

It’s a never ending story. What we currently have are early research prototypes and quite far from battle-tested software. It will probably take another 10 years before the industry stabilises.