Tezos Domains Developer Preview

Tezos Domains Developer Preview

Previously we introduced the Tezos Domains project, talked about the overall design, and presented our plans for the future.

We are happy to announce that a developer preview of Tezos Domains contracts is now available on Carthagenet. The basic logic is now in place and allows you to:

  • buy and renew domains,
  • manage already owned domains (including subdomains),
  • resolve domain names to addresses,
  • resolve addresses to domain names (reverse resolution).

Please note, that the interface is likely to change and no data is going to be migrated between iterations of the contracts on Carthagenet.


What’s Next

The work on the smart contracts will continue as we move towards finalizing the architecture and focus on optimizing the contracts for gas cost. All comments and suggestions are very welcome in this period.

We are also preparing early alpha versions of two of our related services:

  • A lightweight indexer that offers querying capabilities specifically for Tezos Domains. The API will allow accessing data that is not available through direct RPC calls to a Tezos node: listing domains according to certain criteria, accessing purchase history, and so on.
  • A browser-based dApp that provides lookup functionality, gives details about any domain and it’s subdomains, and allows owners to manage their domains. It will also provide a UI for buying domains using the FIFS model and eventually allow participation in auctions.

About the Team

The team at Agile Ventures has been working with Tezos since the early alphanet days. We have created two open-sourced projects focused on helping developers interact with the Tezos data and events easier and are hosting publicly available endpoints at TezosLive.io.

Join the Conversation

As always, we want to invite everyone to join the discussion. Do you have a comment on the presented contracts? Did we miss something? Let’s share ideas!

And if you want to chat, come join the Tezos Domains Group on Telegram!