Tezos Gas Station

Just found my way to this post. Super interesting! This looks like it could turn out to be extremely useful. How is development going? Any updates since the initial post?

I can imagine this being a great way to onboard users from other crypto ecosystems onto Tezos without them having to pre-purchase XTZ from a centralized exchange in order to interact with the network.

Would the following be possible? Imagine a user who only owns Ether, but they would like to bring their Ether onto Tezos to provide liquidity, or to yield farm, but they can’t pay any XTZ fees as they don’t own any yet. Could the user initiate a swap from ETH to ETHtz for instance, or swap some ETH to XTZ via the relayer in order to get a few XTZ for gas fee purposes?

Another use case I can envision revolves around utilizing a Sapling shielded-pool on Tezos. My understanding is that all fees need to be paid using un-shielded Tez as the shielded-tez themselves are just tokens. Could someone interact with the shielded-pool via the relayer, and also withdraw from the shielded-pool via the relayer?