Tezos Giga Node: Stability, High-Throughput and Decentralization

Less than one year ago, the Everstake team along with Bake’n’Rolls both known as Tezos Ukraine decided to develop and deploy an infrastructure consisting of node clusters with an aim to resolve a long-going problem related to the scarcity of high-performance archive nodes. This problem prevented the community from running a variety of different blockchain solutions such as dApps, explorers, and others. Not only the scarcity affected the aforementioned possibility of running services, but it also didn’t allow companies to have stable and resilient nodes that they can rely on.

More Than Just A Node

Considering the fact that a growing community requires more network resources, there should be someone who can provide a highly effective infrastructure that is capable of processing a huge amount of network queries and data. Moreover, this infrastructure should be geographically distributed in a way, so that many regions could have streamlined access to high-performance network services.

The infrastructure that our teams have created allows processing a huge amount of network traffic, with a possibility to go even beyond 1 Gbit/s processing speed. With that being said, now decentralized applications across Europe have the service that they can rely on 24/7. As a recent example, Tezos Giga Node has successfully dealt with the spike in network traffic that accounted for 532 Mb/s that happened on May 7, 2020.

Data integrity, as well as security, is the main cornerstone of financial applications based on blockchain technology. In order for financial services to run securely, the application must trust to node’s requests, where also all node responses should be signed by a node operator. Moreover, a node operator must play a fair game where for negative actions it should be penalized, and for such positive actions as requests processing it should be incentivized.

The Future Vision

Our teams work hard to develop and implement further different upgrades, that steadily move the infrastructure towards a full-fledged service that will boost the Tezos network growth. At the moment of writing this material, our team consists of a dozen professionals such as DevOps, Developers, Project Manager, Community Manager, and others. In the next few months, we are planning to improve the infrastructure, raising the potential network traffic processing speed, as well as security and reliability.

Our long-term vision is to complete all infrastructure developments and implementations and make the Giga Node service a completely decentralized entity, that won’t have a single point of failure. In the end, the whole infrastructure will belong to the community, allowing interested parties to apply new upgrades with a desire to improve the technical capabilities of the service.

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