Tezos RPC service by MIDL.dev

We just launched Tezos RPC service, a self-service platform for creating Tezos RPC endpoints.

The first 100,000 requests are free, then the price is US$7 per million requests.

You receive a custom URL endpoint such as:


This endpoint is backed by clusters in several geographical locations thanks to Cloudflare Location-aware load balancing. The nodes are hosted in DigitalOcean cloud (OVH coming soon).

This is suitable for backend Tezos applications as well as frontend web-apps (DeFi, NFT or more). Soon, we are planning to add the ability to filter by Origin so the endpoint only works for your own web app.

We believe the time has come for paid RPC services a la Infura/Alchemy on Tezos and we hope the community finds this service useful. Any questions, please let us know.