Tezos testnet faucet


I developed a one-click faucet for Tezos testnet:

It was a first try to develop something with Tezos, but I think some people could be interested to use it, so I released it.

Feel free to use it and give feedback.


This needs support for the command-line wallet.

teztnets.xyz maintainer here. very cool! thank you for your contribution.

This needs support for the command-line wallet.

Yes, I would say it would be good to have the ability to send to any address passed to the app in a text field, not only your web wallet address.

Also, you should add some kind of anti spam protection such as recaptcha.

The current faucet on teztnets.xyz is using preaccounts and CLI activation. This does not make much sense to me, it’s just how it was done historically. (maybe someone has a different opinion) The integration with web wallets is an excellent feature, we could potentially use your system as the native faucet of the teztnets platform.

Thanks for your feedback!

Sure, wallet address form and captcha are good features to improve my faucet. I’ll start working on it asap.

It would be a real pleasure to improve and maintain this faucet for the Tezos community.

I’ve just added the possibility to send xtz to an address passed in a form field.

Hey man, awesome job thank you. This was the first working Tezos faucet I could find.
Any chance this is opensource? I would love to take a look at your Tezos wallet implementation.

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This project has now “graduated” to the teztnets.xyz platform and replaced the CLI-based faucet that we used to have. Thanks again!