Tezos Town Hall: Governance & Technical Processes

Have questions about core development, the next amendment, or the technical decision-making process? Hear directly from experts in the Tezos ecosystem on the role of the core development teams and the next steps in the governance process in a moderated conversation based on questions submitted by the community.

TQ Tezos’s president and co-founder, Alison Mangiero will lead the discussion with Gabriel Alfour, lead developer of Ligo Lang, Jacob Arluck, co-founder of TQ Tezos, Arthur Breitman, early architect of Tezos, Adrian Brink, founder of Metastate, and Benjamin Canou, CTO of Nomadic Labs.

We’ll be accepting questions in advance of the event here. Please submit your questions by 6:00 PM EST (10:00 PM UTC) on Monday, August 17 to make sure it is added to the queue.

Register for the Session here.

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