TezQuery Graph Explorer now available

The TezQuery Team is pleased to announce that the Graph Explorer is available: tzquery.io

The graph of the Tezos blockchain is a huge data structure representing accounts linked by transactions.

Its exploration allows to observe transaction patterns, see the biggest transactions over a given time period, show how they are connected, etc.
You can start your own interactive exploration of the Tezos blockchain at tzquery.io or from the gitlab project.


Would love to have this as my live screensaver!

One main advantage of the Tezos blockchain is that of being a publicly shared ledger which can be observed. TezQuery now makes it possible to observe the graph of xtz transactions starting from a given address!


The Graph Explorer now makes it possible to interactively explore the graph of the Tezos blockchain transactions in several manners, including:

At any time during the exploration, using the top control bar, you can adjust the view, automatically regroup transactions inside clusters, focus on the backbone structure of the transaction to better understand the patterns, or simply click on the “explore” button of the property window to refocus the semi-automatic exploration on a specific account.

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