The Stack Report, recap of first 6 months

Hi all, posting a mid-year project update recapping work done with The Stack Report in the first ~6 months since launch in January of this year.

The Stack Report is a publication using a data-driven approach to cover the stories and developments within the Tezos ecosystem through blockchain data visualizations.

The initial website launch happened in February 2022, and in the first half year of the project we’ve published a number of articles covering a data, trends and technology features at multiple layers of the Tezos stack in both short form and longer articles. At the same time an initial set of features for have been developed to grow it into a blockchain data exploration and data-driven storytelling platform.

Selection of articles published over the past months, covering various aspects of Tezos:

Data visualization & dashboarding announcements:

The current data pipeline for these dashboards has been set up to sync datasets on a ~daily basis. A local instance of the tzkt indexer is being used to extract block and operation data from the Tezos chain.

The main dashboarding functionality built out so far are smart contract dashboards with charts showing entrypoint calls, usage numbers by other accounts and xtz statistics per entrypoint.

Search through the available dashboards by contract alias & address here: