The winners of Tezos Ukraine’s Tezos DeFi Hackathon have just launched their pilot NFT project

The Buttonists team, the winners of Tezos Ukraine’s Tezos DeFi Hackathon, have just launched their pilot NFT project Tezos Mandala.

Tezos Mandala is a generative art project. Users can create their unique digital mandalas as NFTs. All mandalas are generated by the smart contract from the hash of users’ TX and recorded in the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos Mandalas are generated from the mandala seeds. Users can generate mandalas whenever they wish. Until they do it, no one will know how their mandalas look like including them. Mandala seed can be transferred at any time users wish.

Mandalas are built from elements of a different degree of rarity. The rarest elements are an eye and the Tezos sign. The background color range of mandalas is linked to the Tezos ecosystem colors.

The Buttonists are also working on their main product #NFTButton, an NFT-marketplace where people can trade Tezos Mandalas and any other #NFTs on #Tezos. Its key feature is a new type of all-pay auction.

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Dear buttonists!

Our community members have informed us that the Twitter user (arrijabba) has found a vulnerability in our mandala generation mechanism.

We’ve checked his message and found out that there was a possibility to exploit our brute force protection to figure out beforehand which mandalas will be generated from other people’s seeds.

We’ve fixed this problem, but it is unknown how many seeds have been compromised because of it. There was a probability to predetermine which mandala is generated from a given seed regardless of when the actual owner presses the Create Mandala button. The same applies to the seeds that are yet to be created.

Since we don’t know how much the mandala generation system might have been tempered with, we decided to move to Tezos Mandala v2. In this version, we will introduce a revised procedure of generating a mandala from the seed with improved security. This solves the problem.

Up until the move to Tezos Mandala v2 is complete, the sales of seeds on our website will be suspended. We’ve asked block explorers to move Tezos mandala white label from our old contract. Please, refrain from buying seeds via the old contract. The Tezos Mandala v2 contract will get the white label as soon as it is deployed. Purchases of mandala seeds on our website will be done using this new contract exclusively. Do not use the old contract to buy mandala seeds.

As we move to Tezos Mandala v2, holders of the Tezos Mandala v1 seeds and mandalas purchased prior to the publication of this statement have three options to choose from:

  1. If you like the mandala you have, you can move it to Tezos Mandala v2 without changing its id.
  2. If you don’t like the mandala or if you think it could’ve been compromised, you can swap it for a seed with the same id in Tezos Mandala v2.
  3. You can also refund your tez in exchange for burning your seeds and mandalas (minus the refund transaction fee).

All Tezos Mandala v1 seeds will be eligible for a swap for a Tezos Mandala v2 seed with the same id.

The sales of Tezos Mandala v2 seeds will start from the point where we’ve officially stopped the Tezos Mandala v1 sales: seed #569.

Thank you for your vigilance and support. We wouldn’t be able to overcome this challenge without you. We will move to Tezos Mandala v2 ASAP. You will see news on our progress and swap details very soon.

Keep in touch with the team on the Telegram group.


The Plan For Migration to Tezos Mandala v2

Hey, Buttonists!

We have spent the past week working on Tezos Mandala v2 that we had announced last Thursday. Now we’re happy to announce Tezos Mandala v2 is ready for launch, so here are some details.

What’s new?

In this version, we have removed the mandala generation procedure vulnerability discovered by tezosjabba of Twitter fame. We sincerely thank him for the discovery and are happy to welcome him to our community. We also thank the active community members for their support in those dark times, their help in the battle against FUD, and their involvement in testing Tezos Mandala v2. You are amazing!

In Tezos Mandala v2 nobody can know what your mandala will look like. It is generated from your transaction’s hash and our secret key at a separate server. Thanks to that a potential hacker can’t directly access the mandala generator, and we can always prove the mandala generation was fair and honest.

On top of that, we reduced the maximum number of mandalas from 1999 to 1124 so that each mandala in your collection, be it Unique, Eye, or Tezos, would become even rarer. In v2, each subsequent batch of mandalas will get smaller by 5 mandalas. We don’t want to let down those who expected there would be at least 20 mandalas for 30 tez each after v2 is launched, so the new scheme kicks off with mandala #600. After that, there will be 70 mandalas sold for 35 tez, then 65 mandalas for 40 tez, 60 mandalas for 45 tez, and so forth. The final batch will have only 5 mandalas for 100 tez. Thus, we started with 100 mandalas for 5 tez, and will end up with 5 mandalas for 100 tez.

Three options to migrate

In order to migrate to v2, you will have to choose one of the following options for each of your seed/mandala from v1: you can get a new seed, transfer a mandala, or get a refund.

Get new seed
You exchange your seed/mandala for a new seed in v2 while retaining the original ID.

Transfer mandala
If you want to keep a mandala from v1, you can transfer it to v2 without changing its appearance and ID.

Get refund
Send us your seed or mandala to get tez you had paid for it minus the tx fee for refunds. The tez are sent to the address from which you had sent your seed/mandala. You can use that tez to buy seeds in v2 but only at their current price (the starting price in v2 is 30 tez).

We turn every seed/mandala we get from v1 in exchange for a refund into v2 seeds with the same ID and send them to our team fund.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Only seeds/mandalas with an ID lower than 579 are eligible for migration (this is the ID where we halted the sale and announced the migration). Do not try to use our old contract to buy new mandalas. Please mind that once you have sent the migration transaction, you have made the final confirmation of your preferred course of action with regard to the three options described above, and you cannot change your choice in the future.

How does the migration actually work?

Migration kicks off on April 5th, 2021 at 3 P.M. UTC and ends on April 8th, 2021 at 3 P.M. UTC. Thus, you have 72 hours to choose between the options.

In order to make a choice, go to the migration page at our website and click Manage on the seed/mandala card. A window will pop up offering you three options to choose from. Once you’ve made your choice, just sign your transaction, and that’s basically it, your choice is made. Please note that you have to make it for each and every seed/mandala in your collection, you cannot automatically apply the decision to all seeds/mandalas you own.

Once the 72-hour period has elapsed, we will take a snapshot and execute your orders within 72 hours. After that, we will publish a post with the official migration results.

That’s it for our plan on migrating to Tezos Mandala v2. If you still have any questions, we will be happy to answer on Telegram and Twitter. Thanks for staying with us, we wouldn’t have made it without you.


Not sure whether the seed should show up under the Seed(s) section on the site once I have migrated. I do see a seed in my wallet, but don’t actually see the seed show up on the side post-migration.

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Hi Oyster! Once you migrate your seed, it shouldn’t show up on the migration page. You will be able it find it on our website on April 11, 15:00 CET.


From now on, buttonists who generated mandalas 1 month ago and migrated them over to v2 are able to rename them!

In order to do so, connect your wallet at and click the Rename button.

Afterward, you will only be able to change your mandala’s name again once you have owned the mandala for two months. Then, you can rename it in 4 months, then in 8 months, and so on, with the time span doubling after each renaming.

Stay tuned! The marketplace is coming. :slight_smile: