Tools on Tezos feedback?

Some feedback from a person that wants to stay anon. I am just sharing it on Agora to get more opinions on it:

The baking bad guys are absolutely killing it. Their recent upgrades, new products etc have made a lot of painful things, much easier. There are a lot more blog articles, libraries, tools, assets etc around now, so that is a big help.

But one of the major fights I was having back then is still true. The core teams aren’t producing assets, needed for fundamental aspects of working on Tezos.

e.g. To do local forging you basically have to use Taquito, and hope theres no bug. That really should be a standalone module written in C/C++ that is maintained by core devs, and not something you go to a third party for. It works great, not bashing taquito, i’m just saying I see a problem with the fact that they had to build it. And I believe the baking bad guys have a separate version written themselves in C#. Theres a lot of wasted time in writing it once for the node, and waiting for someone to put the effort in to duplicate it in another language that can be used by the languages frontend apps are written in. If you are working on something that doesn’t use C# or typescript … your screwed

Creating a wallet and the crypto functions needed for signing etc, are such a core piece of working with Tezos. There really should be a library in something low level like c or rust that can be imported into anything. Where everyone can share experience and code samples using exactly the same thing.

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