Week of September 21 - Questions for the Tezos Foundation

If you have a question for the Tezos Foundation, please include below and we will do our best to answer in this week’s update coming out on Friday.

Here is a link to last week’s update.

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When do you plan a national currency project, banking license and other things promised in the ICO pitch?



Is there a team aside from TQ that is actively sourcing what the platform needs in between RFPs. I.e. smart contract audits, DeFi applications etc? It would be good if such a team wasn’t just tech/legal-based, but included skill sets including strategy, operational, finance, marketing, legal etc.

Please could you also state whether any of the following ideas are/could be in the future pipeline:

  • Start decentralization process of treasury funds in a secure staged process, starting simple with a small number of funds with the ultimate goal of creating a full treasury DAO. See here: https://medium.com/@arthurb/potential-design-for-a-simple-and-evolvable-on-chain-treasury-77cfe2176423

  • In the meantime use some staking rewards to fund important oracles & other projects who utilize rewards like Harbinger (so long as it can be done in a secure way via HSMs etc).

  • Create a dedicated smart contract audit team (not my idea, but know Tezos some entities are pushing for this) ala ConsenSys Dilligence to ensure projects are not delayed when they are trying to launch on Tezos, also to promote security within the eco-system.

  • Create a technical interlink team to bridge the gap between core and teams building on Tezos

  • Fund TQ Tezos to grow more and hire 2 more TQ Tezos business development entities.

  • Make RFPs to contribute at least 2 Tezos projects (to keep them in the eco-system longer, remove people looking for a quick project payday and to provide more unique projects to Tezos) & at least 1 project collaborates with an existing team building on Tezos (to increase collaboration and synchronization) with 1 project having exclusivity to Tezos.

  • Create strategy spinoffs, DeFi, Tokenized assets, DAOs, Infrastructure, give them the focus to make inroads on all fronts whilst still collaborating on the end goal.

  • Hire a quality technical advisor who knows Tezos inside/out, I would say Luke Youngblood, but he probably wouldn’t want to leave Coinbase, Keefer? or someone like that to replace Ryan Lackey who is missed.

  • Expand the Tezos foundation geographically. Zug is fine and good for tokenized assets/institutional finance, but a bit cut off from the rest of the world, lets get a bigger presence in US, Asia etc. We are a virtual world, doesn’t all have to be in one place.

  • Focus more heavily on applications that are very much suited to Tezos i.e staking DeFi, staking derivatives and look to encourage apps that can draw DeFi to these apps cross-chain that could potentially have secure custody and yield/security ratio advantages if done right.

  • From [Eguzki] (https://forum.tezosagora.org/u/Eguzki) on Tezos Agora: The treasury could be funded with the foundation xtz baking rewards. That would ensure a long term funding and a progressive distribution of the foundation stake. Moving 5% of foundation WarChest ON-CHAIN

Many thanks


How do you plan to spend the “war chest” money in the next two years? Do you have any “roadmap” or directions in which areas you will spend that money? How much money(FIAT, BTC,ETH) do you plan to have after five years(plan not spend from the war chest)?

What is your strategy to tackle the problem of popularity of other blockchains like AVALANCHE, POLKADOT, NEAR and decline of interest of TEZOS?

How do you plan to raise interest of devs and community for TEZOS short(till EOY) and mid term(till end of 2021?


Is there an update of status of the publicly available grant portal with status of grants? Based on what we have seen said by various developers over the last 6 months, many lost interest to build on Tezos after not receiving regular communication or when being denied for no “good” reason. Instead of having a “he said, she said situation”, we can have a single point of reference for everyone in the ecosystem on this new portal.

In general, having the Tezos Foundation bear all (indirect) responsibility for the technical direction, development practices of the project takes away from the decentralized soundness. By taking only 5-10% of your funding you can create a funding entity not controlled by you but controlled by the governance on chain or a DAO, this opens a new funding avenue for projects that were denied by the TF or that will be denied in the future. This is specifically useful for if the community and the bakers don’t even know what could have been funded.

Enabling Tezos bakers and the Tezos holding public to see some parts of the grant process details, as well as supporting as many existing DAO sprouts as possible, will give renewed faith and vigor to old Tezos war dogs and new holders alike. It will also show that Tezos is not only a de novo leader in decentralized tech, but in the decentralized human governance and communication sharing processes behind the tech, down to the Tezos Foundation.