What is the best/fastest way to fund a community treasury on Homebase?

Homebase has just been released, one of its main use case is a community treasury :star_struck: :star_struck:!

What is the best/fastest way to get a community fund running and funded by @tezosfoundation?

On the funding
Should it be funded by inflation? or from existing TF BTC funds? Tezos community rewards seem to be a failed experiment, can the funds be redirected?

On the process
What is the best way to progress this? I am happy to push it but I don’t know how to navigate in tezos entities. I also don’t know if coding is required to start a proposal
How quickly can this be completed? Let’s keep in mind, the crypto world is 24/7

What to fund
There are lots of low hanging fruits where money could be used. Users are on the blockchain everyday, experiencing issues and this bottom up approach to solve problems can be very beneficial.

I am thinking for example (lots of other things to be added of course)

  • scaling up public nodes
    buying a tezzardz was the worst user experience, let’s imagine someone swapping with temple wallet at the same time with no clue of what was going on.

  • scaling up servers
    teztools did an amazing job with HicetNunc, I personally saw the site loading for the first time couple of days ago (only a temporary solution until an agreement is made with HeN though)

  • pay for a single fee implementation of FA standard on a CEX
    From discussions with kalamint, this one-off cost is estimated around 100k-150k$. Then all tokens can be listed (providing liquidity etc)

  • add on tezos.com an ecosystem tab like solana.com
    To list all tezos related projects, now there is only dappradar (but you need to know dappradar) - plus dappradar only has dapps whereas tezos.com will have wallets, explorers etc

  • Twitter logo

  • Fund projects etc


Obviously, TF funds.

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Instead of having a standard community treasury, we can have a DAO managed Quadratic Funding scheme. Here, community members not having direct access to voting power can also have a say in the distribution of the funds through token donations.
The DAO would only decide the final distribution based on the community funding received by projects.
This is something we are building over at Kickflow. (Not using Homebase, but our DAO is almost based on the same principle)

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I am definitely interested in Kickflow, especially since it integrates Quadratic voting (using tezid since it’s hard to duplicate passport?)

My guess is that @tezosfoundation will be more likely to fund a community fund on a platform built by @TQTezos (a “public” dapp?) rather than a “private” one?

The main objective is really to get the ball rolling as fast as possible and get these funds real quickly. If you manage to get the TF funds in Kickflow I will be super easy to use it for this purpose!

We have Quadratic Funding (using a combination of TzProfiles and a custom solution) - it’s the same from a top-level view.

We are not really private. All source code is going to be open-sourced upon launch. Developers are welcomed to contribute.

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