A new Etherlink MVP is now available on Tezos Ghostnet

On 15th November 2023, a new version of the Etherlink rollup was deployed on Tezos Ghostnet.

What’s new

This new Etherlink deployment mainly welcomes two new features, which are now available for wider community testing:

  • The EVM node now has a transaction pool (a dedicated Layer 2 “mempool”) which supports the injection of transactions with nonces “in the future” – these are operations which are not valid yet, but can safely stay in the mempool until they can be included in Layer 2 blocks. The EVM mempool also allows users to replace previously-submitted transactions “by fees” – that is, to reinject the same operation with higher fees.
  • The Layer 1 entrypoint now supports depositing FA2.1 tickets, and we are working towards enabling support for bridging deposited tickets into ERC20 tokens in a future release. At the moment, the entrypoint only supports depositing tez-wrapping tickets issued by the bridge smart contract.

Further details can be found in the EVM Kernel’s Changelog.

Etherlink MVP Deployment

The Etherlink Smart Rollup’s address is sr1HFDt5ZwBVcXTgLA4wQ9vtwMH7EKU5vMFr and

can be observed on block explorers supporting Ghostnet – e.g in Tzkt:

The Tezos Foundation has deployed and will maintain EVM-compatible endpoints on AWS – one in Oregon, US and another in Dublin, Ireland.

Geographically load-balance endpoints (e.g., for connecting Metamask and other clients) are provided via:


Alternatively, it is also possible to connect to each endpoint directly:

Dublin: https://node-dub.ghostnet.etherlink.com

Oregon: https://node-ore.ghostnet.etherlink.com

The block explorer for Etherlink on Ghostnet has been updated to use the new rollup. It can be found here:

The test Etherlink Layer 2 bridge has also been migrated, and can be found here:


You can use this bridge to deposit Ghostnet tez funds to your Etherlink account.

The software is based on a recent development version of Octez, which will resemble (and will be compatible with) the upcoming v19.0 release.

Independently, an additional Smart Rollup archive node has been deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure in Europe, in order to provide an additional backup of Etherlink’s rollup data.

Please report any problems on #evm-testnets on tezos-dev Slack.

Important notice on the deprecation of the previous Etherlink/EVM test deployment

The previous Etherlink deployment’s Smart Rollup address is sr1A5txMPrpjY9d4qCUq1Ke4PGBQ2WNiB7LJ.

Nomadic Labs has discontinued service for its https://evm.ghostnet-evm.tzalpha.net endpoint on Nov 15th.

For developers and testers’ convenience, the Tezos Foundation will continue to run an operator for this Smart Rollup for the rest of 2023. It’s endpoint is found at http://evm.ghostnet.pizzainfra.org:8545

Developers and testers with an interest in continuing operating this rollup after that date can, and are welcome to, deploy their own operator and endpoints. Don’t hesitate to reach out on #evm-testnets if you need assistance with this task.