Add an "Ecosystem" tab on website

Hi everyone, I am not sure it’s the right category to add this post in, maybe we need a new category? is the link that comes first when someone write “tezos” on google, it’s also the highest SEO when someone writes “tezos projects”.

So far the website only deals with the developper side (github, access to developper portal). I honestly feel like I am signing up for getting updates about the launch of an app that will come in 6 months!

Someone new to tezos (which is my case), wants to go find the swaps, the farms (DeFI), the wallets etc that tezos has to offer. Most other protocols have a “ecosystem” tab ( is a good example) where you have the list of dapps classified.
True there are or, but there SEO is much lower and will always be lower than

If we want mass adoption we need to reduce friction as much as possible, thus I would like the ecosystem tab so its all in one place.

This comment links to Boring website · Issue #39 · tqtezos/ · GitHub



Sounds like a good idea

I don’t know how we can contact the people designing the website but we have not seen any improvements for the past month.

Anyone knows how it works to contact people with decision power?
Or maybe we are waiting for Huge audit and recommendations?

You have to post an issue there in the “issue” section :slight_smile: