akaDrop | More interesting cases

TLDR: akaDrop is a user-friendly martech tool based on Tezos that has been applied to diverse events, including HAKKA Expo, Nuit Blanche Taipei, TCCF, TBW, with diverse ways to enhance interactivity.

akaDrop has been seen in lots of official and international events in Taiwan since its launch day this August, including HAKKA Expo, Nuit Blanche Taipei, Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), and Taipei Blockchain Week (TBW). By adopting akaDrop, visitors are able to bring a unique souvenir home and enhance interactive experience in physical events.

In Hakka Expo 2023, we combine AI technology with interactive mechanisms and algorithms for audiovisual art generation. As visitors follow the exhibition path, they receive questions on an instant messaging app while the selected answers influence the final outcome of the generated images. These images will be projected onto an 18-meter large-scale immersive circular projection, meanwhile minting as unique PoAs by clicking a specific button on the phone screen. Even Taiwan’s President was one of the experiencers!

Nuit Blanche is an annual outdoor art fest in a city during nighttime. Taipei has been hosting this international event since 2016, adopting digital arts airdropping as a medium for interaction particularly in 2022 and 2023. In Nuit Blanche Taipei 2022, akaSwap collaborated with the generative artist Yi-Wen Lin to launch La nuit lumiere with 1200 limited editions. Generated by the data of participants accumulated throughout the 12 hours, the La nuit lumiere NFT consisted of the ratio of RGB color values representing “avant garde,” “guarding” and “balance.” People could get their unique souvenirs by simply clicking a button and logging in with their Gmail accounts.

TCCF is an important event for the creative content industry in Asia, presenting productions in film, television, animation, and comics with a diverse array of themes for the global market. It featured akaDrop in 2023, with one PoA in each industry event, talk, showcase and 26 PoAs in total. Visitors need to scan each QRcode in each section to collect each PoA. At the end of the event, a new generative PoA was produced and airdropped automatically based on the number of PoAs a visitor had been collecting. Moreover, we produced a data-visualized page as well to show the instant number of participants.

akaSwap participated in Taipei Blockchain Week 2023 (TBW), presenting akaDrop with a claw machine to enhance the extent of delight and interaction. QRcode of akaDrop was put in all the capsule toys with the same steps followed: Users scan them, log in with their Google accounts, and claim a PoA randomly. In addition, a real-time page was produced to show claimed PoAs with videos in loop.

Since we can document every wallet address claiming a PoA or NFT from akaDrop system, akaSwap held a loyalty program to further encourage the community to participate in more events taking place this December. Those claiming more PoAs can have more chances to win an edition of Growth v02, as one PoA equals one lottery ticket.

akaDrop can be combined with different ways of interaction to create a unique experience. We are open to customize other ways of presenting if you have an idea in mind. Looking forward to more interesting playing rules being unlocked by our potential users!

Learn more about akaDrop: https://mars.akaswap.com/drop/home
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