Announcing Ebetanet, the Edo Preview Network!

Announcing Ebetanet, the Edo Preview Network!

We have just spawned a test network for a beta version of the Edo protocol, which we plan to propose as the next (008) Tezos protocol upgrade.

The code running on the test network is our release candidate for Edo. We anticipate that the beta period will last only one to two weeks before our proposal is final. Please participate by testing it now!

We plan to replace this test network with Edonet, the successor of Delphinet, once we get out of beta and formally propose Edo.

If you are interested in participating in this test network, you can checkout the ebetanet-release branch of the repository and build it from source:

git fetch
git checkout ebetanet-release
make build-deps
eval $(opam env)

Note that you need to have installed the Rust compiler first. To install it, use the same instructions as those for the master branch in:

Docker images are also available with tag ebetanet-release.

This branch is configured to join Ebetanet automatically so there is no need to run your node with the --network ebetanet command-line option.

Important note: To avoid mistakes, this branch cannot join Mainnet as there is no --network mainnet option available.

We thank Smart Chain Arena for providing an initial publicly available node at:


Excellent news!

Will a feature summary, draft release notes or changelogs available soon?


Yes, stay tuned, detailed info coming soon.

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Testing from Taquito has gone relatively well. I have added ebetanet to our integration test suite.

There are some issues, that at face value look pretty minor. You can see our progress here:

We also have a public node running here: if someone needs it.

This will all likely replaced by edonet pretty soon. I for one am delighted at the short edo name. carthage was a lot of typing, and I still, today, double take to see if I spelled it correctly.

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