Announcing Jakarta 2

This is a joint post from Nomadic Labs, Marigold, TriliTech, Oxhead Alpha, Tarides, DaiLambda, Functori & Tweag.

In a recent blog post, we reported two critical bugs in the original Jakarta protocol proposal, affecting the implementation of the experimental Transaction Optimistic Rollups (TORUs) feature.

Fortunately, we have been able to confidently fix both issues, and a new protocol proposal, Jakarta 2, has been since developed, tested and released. Moreover, the latter proposal – whose “real name” is given as usual by its hash, PtJakart2xVj7pYXJBXrqHgd82rdkLey5ZeeGwDgPp9rhQUbSqY – has already been injected and it is already competing with the original Jakarta one in the current Proposal period.

Yesterday, Nomadic Labs published a release candidate for a new Octez suite version, v13.0~rc1. This release candidate includes the daemon binaries that enable testing the Jakarta 2 protocol proposal in the upcoming Jakartanet test network.

Changes in Jakarta 2

The changes in Jakarta 2 with regard to the previous Jakarta proposal concern only fixing the reported bugs. Further detail on these issues and how they were corrected for the new protocol proposal, can be found in our recent blog post.

Join Jakartanet!

A testnet for the Jakarta 2 protocol proposal, named Jakartanet, will launch on April 27th at 15hs UTC. It is critical to have as many bakers as possible participating in this testnet, by running nodes, producing blocks and
deploying apps. We are looking for more bakers to participate from day one. If you are interested, please join the Tezos Baking slack and make yourselves known in the #test-networks channel.

Once more, we strongly encourage you to test your own Tezos-based applications to check for compatibility problems.

Should the Jakarta 2 protocol proposal be accepted by the community, the following minimal version of Tezos node (shell) software will be necessary to participate in the consensus, due to necessary changes introduced to the protocol environment: v13 of Octez, or v3 of TezEdge.

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