Announcing Octez v17.0~beta1

A first beta version of Octez v17.0, v17.0~beta1, is now available.

Unlike a release candidate, this beta version should not be expected to become v17.0. It contains the necessary features to participate in public test networks, notably the upcoming Nairobinet testnet.

Notably, v17.0~beta1 includes:

Further detail on these (and other) features will be provided with an upcoming release candidate announcement. A full Changelog and update instructions are available in the release page for version 17:

The Git tag for this release is v17.0-beta1 and the corresponding commit hash is 96c910ddf8351bb630bd633a13e8966df180145e.

Note that while we encourage the use of this beta version on testnets such as Nairobinet (and also Ghostnet and Mumbainet), we advise against deploying this version on Tezos Mainnet.

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