Announcing Octez v18.1

:mega: Octez v18.1 has just been released!

:hammer_and_pick: This new minor version fixes an issue in snapshot exporting, that resulted in the export of corrupted full and rolling snapshots.

:warning: Octez v18.1 has consequently increased the snapshot version from 6 to 7. As usual, this entails that snapshots exported by a v18.1 node cannot be imported by older Octez nodes, v18.0 included. However, a v18.1 node can still import previous snapshot versions.

:pray: This upgrade is recommended for snapshots providers, in order to ensure the availability of recent full and rolling snapshots, especially for Tezos Mainnet. Consequently it is also recommended for all node operators, as the availability of functional v6 and earlier snapshots cannot not be guaranteed in the long term.

:open_book: A full Changelog and update instructions are available in the version 18 release page.

:placard: The Git tag for this release is v18.1 and the corresponding commit hash is 6b31a6d28d9d17952548253ec0f1b3782efb048d.