Announcing - 360º view of your Tezos portfolio

Dear Tezos community,

we are happy to announce our new project - gives you a 360º view of your investments and lets you manage your Tezos assets in one place.

Here are some of the features to have a better understanding of the project:

All your NFTs together gives you an overview of your entire NFT collection on Tezos and gives you an estimated value for each NFT. It helps you quickly find trending artists or just lets you browse through your collection to enjoy it.

All your tokens in one overview shows your entire balance including current prices and the value of your owned tokens on the Tezos blockchain.

Transaction history transaction history shows you when the latest staking reward has arrived from your baker or how much you spent on your latest NFT purchase. Export it anytime. You can also download country-specific tax reports, powered by our partner Blockpit.

Liquidity pools quickly shows you all the important information for liquidity providers. It helps you make better decisions and exit unprofitable pools in time.

Manage your portfolio
Send NFTs to your friends, swap tez for other tokens, and always profit from the best price on Tezos’ most popular decentralized exchanges. Of course, you can also delegate your stake to your favorite baker.

Please join our Discord to get first-hand development updates, sneak peeks, and early access! Furthermore, we currently have a nice giveway running - an NFT (Life Guard) by Priya Mistry for following us, liking, and retweeting our announcement.

The project is completely self-funded. Our team consists of four people including a full-stack developer (Roy), a web developer (Jeroen), a business developer/product owner (Daniel), and a systems architect (Carlo). Roy also finished the Tezos B9lab Academy. We all have significant years of experience in the field of software development, automotive and market making, and investment baking. We decided to build on Tezos because we are part of the community from the very beginning and want to see the ecosystem thrive. We are currently making great progress and expect to launch in Q1/2022.

Please reach out to us via Discord if you have any questions!