Athens B (Psd1ynUBh)

Athens B proposes to increase the computation limits per block – also called gas limits – on the Tezos blockchain to allow for larger transaction throughput.


Athens B proposes one incremental change:

  • Increase the gas limit by doubling the number of computation steps which can be included in each block.

The gas limit was set conservatively at launch to protect the chain, with the idea that it could be increased via the amendment process. This proposal would increase the gas limit by allowing double the computation steps in each block while keeping the number of IOs performed in each block unchanged. This would enable more computation in blocks and operations, meaning that not only the maximum of transactions per block could increase, but also the complexity of the transactions.

Please note that beyond this incremental change, the upgrade proposal also includes minor fixes which do not significantly change the protocol, as described in the changelog.

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