Attention to all Bakers, a new version of the "mainnet staging" branch was released

We released a new version of the mainnet-staging branch.
It fixes a bug which caused endorsements to be discarded if they arrived in a node’s mempool before the endorsed block itself was validated.

Upgrading to this new release will let your baker include more endorsements!
The network will improve as more users deploy this version of the node.

Notes for users who did not upgrade to the new storage backend

The above fix was also included in the legacy mainnet-lmdb branch.
Additionally, Carthage, the upcoming protocol upgrade, will also be included in mainnet-lmdb.
However we do recommend you update to the new mainnet staging branch as soon as possible.

Upgrade instructions are available here:

Support for the mainnet-lmdb branch will be discontinued on March 31th .
If you need help updating don’t hesitate to contact @slarquie on Telegram or send an email to