Babylon (PsBABY5nk)

Includes Emmy+, delegatable tz1 addresses, Michelson upgrades to improve compilation from high-level languages, hardened governance mechanisms, and more.


The Babylon proposal, a joint effort from Nomadic Labs, Cryptium Labs, and with contributions from the Marigold team, includes a number of changes to the Tezos Blockchain:

  • A new variant of our consensus algorithm, Emmy+, that is both more robust and simpler to analyze
  • New Michelson features which assist Tezos smart contract developers and designers of higher-level languages (e.g. SmartPy, LIGO, Lorentz)
    • The changes made to Michelson in this proposal intend to simplify smart contract development by making the code of complex contracts simpler and cleaner.
  • An account rehaul that establishes a clear distinction between accounts (tz1, tz2, and tz3) and smart contracts (KT1)
    • Makes implicit accounts (i.e. tz1, tz2, and tz3 accounts) able to delegate and KT1s are for contracts
    • Replaces KT1 accounts with formally verified KT1 script (with same semantic)
  • Refinements to the quorum formula and a new 5% proposal quorum
    • A Proposal will require 5% support in the Proposal Period to proceed to the Exploration Vote Period
    • The Quorum floor will be set to 20% and a Quorum cap set to 70%

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