@Bakers, ask your delegator about Jakarta…

Tezos is a self-amending blockchain following the five stages

As Jakarta is coming, the process starts again

There are a lot of new ideas, RFC, TZIP proposals from the forum threads but we see a regular topic around “baker to delegator communication issue”

RFC: Allow delegators to subsume their delegate votes. - #18 by G_B_Fefe

New TZIP draft: transaction memos

Let’s talk about this bi directional communication issue

  • bakers to delegators : Do not know what delegators want (it could be any topic)
  • delegators to baker : Cannot express their wishes and frustations
  • bakers to bakers : for any other topic than Tezos amendment, or doing a pre-round consultation

In this blog post, we will cover how bakers can do a poll with their delegators about their opinion on a Tezos amendment.

How can we solve it via TzVote ?

TzVote is a generic voting app based on Tezos.

Create a voting session (Bakers)

The application has a cool feature for bakers on for the “Permissioned” template that is adding all your delegators to the pool of registered electors (Add all delegators button)

Any of your delegator can now vote on your poll!

Time to vote (Delegators)

Your baker created a voting session, now you can participate to the vote:

  • Sign with your wallet to TzVote
  • Search for the voting session
  • Click the Vote button
  • Choose your answer

The result pop up is displayed when you click on the Status button status popup

To see the registred delegators, click on the blue list button

registered delegators popup


Eat your own food :meat_on_bone: