Baking Bond Reduction

Here is my code proposal for baking bonds.

This code reduces bond requirements in Granada by 50%.

Reason: My baker is over - delegated.

Logic: I will double my capacity without having to get more Tezos.

Opposition: Reducing Bonds for bakers reduces Network Security.

Additional Ideas.
Small bakers will have a better time starting out in Tezos.
Decentralization will be improved if Tezos had more baker nodes.

I will update this with more information later.
Just getting started.

Really a bad idea, I have a problem of over delegation ergo make a fix for me and disregard the idea of integrity of the proof of stake validation.


Buy more tez. Problem solved.


That doesn’t solve the problem of our low baker node count.

The bond is reducing at a rate of 5% annual due to supply increase… at some point we will have to raise it again. Keeping the bond low will make it less secure.

I understand we need more in the long run.

What I am proposing is just a small boost for newly started, small bakers, that diminishes over time.

Would that be possible or do you think it will be gamed and break tezos.